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Clifton NJ - How do I sell My House Sellers Guide:

Contemplating Selling Your Clifton NJ house, wondering where you start with the process what should you consider first.  Whether you are downsizing, upsizing or relocating ALLIANCE Home  Sales of New Jersey is here to help you navigate the complexities of the real estate transaction. The following house selling guide should set you in the right direction and provide you with a comprehensive outline of the house selling process.


Important Steps to consider before selling your house:

  1. First impressions are key - give potential buyers a good reason to fall in love with your Clifton NJ house. A good cleaning and declutter goes a long way.
  2. Di- personalize - removing as much of your personal memorabilia helps maintain buyers focus on your house potential, make potential buyers feel at house.  Remove personal pictures, ornaments, less is more.
  3. Repairs and patching up - It probably cost a few dollars to patch those pesky picture hanger holes on the wall, plaster and paint walls in neutral colors as needed, make buyers feel that they can just move and unpack.
  4. Staging for a quick sale - You’ve probably heard less is more, staging your house and getting it ready for market is key. 
  5. Valuation - when you are ready to showcase your Clifton House call Pablo Lopez Alliance Home Sales of New Jersey at 973-277-0417 for a Complimentary Compatible Market Analysis “CMA”.
  6. Pricing your house for sale - Lopez has many years of experience and all the resources your need to make an educated decision on price.  Lopez has completed 100s of property valuations for local and abroad sellers.  Overpriced listings get stale in the multiple listing service having the right information and most current market data will help you with your listing price decision.
  7. Great property listing photography - you probably seen in the Internet many property listings without photos or maybe one or two photos “Not GOOD”.  Our strategic marketing approach provides for great photos.   Statistics show that listings with the most photos get the most attention and encourage potential buyers to request showings and potentially move forward with an offer.
  8. Listing Your house for Sale -  a for sale yard sign is no longer a viable way to market your house for sale.  Over 90% of house buyers make their house buying decision online,  ALLIANCE Home Sales of NJ will publish your house once is ready for market in the local multiple listing services, also through listing syndication your listing will be showcased in 100s of real estate websites including all MLS participating brokerages.
  9. Managing the transaction process - ok you might not be comfortable negotiating a sales contract with a potential buyer perhaps multiple buyers at the same time.  No worries our job is to maintain your highest and best interest at heart.  Lopez is an experiences negotiator and when you partner with ALLIANCE Home Sales we will help you navigate through the entire process effortlessly. 
  10. We understand that you might have many questions like; how long does it take to sell?, Am I selling for too low leaving money on the table? Who’s going to handle the legal paperwork during the transfer of escrow?  Do not hesitate to call us at 973-277-0417 to scheduled a confidential consultation today.


We are committed to our clients, your satisfaction is our outmost goal, contact us today to sell your Clifton NJ house